About Us

Making A Difference
In The Community

Greater Columbus Community Helping Hands, Inc. dba Helping Hands for Youth, is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that consists of a team of professional staff, consultants, and volunteers committed to service, programs, and activities which enhance educational opportunities for youth.


We enrich the lives of youths and their families encumbered by inadequate supportive resources, providing educational opportunities, economic acumen and emotional well-being, in order to enlighten their career paths and brighten their life course.


We envision an embracing world which enables and enhances the empowerment of every youth to excel, regardless of their socio-economic status or psycho-emotional stressors. This embracing world is future-filled with real-world opportunities.



To help economically challenged high school graduates excel in the pursuit of their education and career goals.


To provide quality opportunities for economically challenged students to enhance their character and leadership development through program support to other non-profit service providing agencies.


To prepare students to become better and more responsible citizens in a competitive economy and job market.


To promote community volunteerism by building a bridge between non-profit service agencies, high school graduates and college students.



Learning leads to a better life and a place called, “knowing.” 

Beyond just the opportunity for higher education and career achievements, we believe learning as a value, is an aspiration for continual self-improvement, enlightenment and betterment, beyond the classroom or campus.


Leadership isn’t just about leading, it’s about governance and guidance. 

We want to teach our youth that being strong and courageous isn’t enough. Rather, most oftentimes, it is the character trait of empowering others, that sets great leaders apart from good ones.


The greatest gift is in serving others, authentically. 

Through volunteerism, activism, or just as a helping hand, we encourage our youth to make their personal impact felt by serving others.


Respect is the first step toward excellence. 

Respect promotes cooperation amongst constituents, peers, family and community. A regard for others and their point of view shapes our personal integrity. Respect shapes the bonds toward strong relationships.


Resiliency builds better life decisions. 

In a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty and complexity, personal and professional resiliency helps fuel our tenacity, courage and ability to turn failures into success. But most importantly, resiliency allows us to tap into our strengths and support systems to overcome today’s challenges.